Virtual Relay, 31 May 2020

"Don't Pass It On!"

The Norfolk Gazelles are organising a virtual relay on the 31st of May, the day Alex Moore relay would have been. The relay will start at 6am, last runners will start at 10pm and it will be in 1 hour time slots. We must stress, this relay is not about how fast you are, it is about taking part!

This relay is about distance covered by your club within the 17 hours, not just about how fast your fastest runners can run. Every metre will count so it does not matter if you are fast or slow, if you run or you walk, your distance will count!

The charities we have chosen are the Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity, a local charity for a local hospital and raise money that benefits the Norfolk and Norwich hospital directly, and also Nelson's Journey. Donations are not mandatory to take part but all donations of any amount are welcome.

We ask that clubs promote this link and help raise some money. Running clubs, working together to raise money for local charities.

This is the link to the donations page - please spread the word to friends and family!!

The Rules

There is no one person who wins, a club wins so everybody’s efforts are recognised.

  • Each runner runs/walks for 1 hour or multiples of 1 hour (these can be consecutive or spread over the day and subject to local guidelines)
  • 1st runners/walkers start at 6am, last runners/walkers start at 10pm (event finishes 11pm)
  • Runners can only run, jog, walk… no bikes!
  • As many runners as you like (maximum of 9) can run each hour but a minimum of 1 runner/walker.
  • Each runner can run anywhere and any route.
  • No traditional baton handover but each runner MUST carry a baton for the full hour.
  • Baton can be of runners choosing, most random and eccentric baton the better… flower pot? A cucumber? A guitar?
  • Picture of runner with baton to be added to relay facebook group 
  • Each runner just starts their run at their allotted time.
  • Runners to wear their club kit if they have one.
  • Social distancing rules to be followed.
  • Time slots run after sundown to wear hi-vis and lights.
  • All participants run at their own risk.


  • Each runner to report back to their team captain the distance they covered in their hour, team captains will then update their teams results as the day progresses
  • Scoring is on an honesty basis, all teams taking part by default agree to “play fairly” and the results they submit are to be true.
  • Nearer the time I will inform team captains how to report back with your completed distance.

Principles of Scoring

The system is designed to allow all teams, irrelevant of club size, an equal opportunity to win. A club with a large membership count (Club Size) has a larger pot of runners to draw from so without the club size being taken into consideration they would have an unfair advantage. Also if the scoring system was based just on distance covered a team with more runners would obviously cover further distance and so the distance slot is converted into a score.

Each hourly stage has a maximum of 9 runners, minimum of 1. Each slot within that hour has a different weighting towards that hour's score. The club size affects the weighting for each hour so each club's weighting will be different.

So, for a smallish club, runner 1 @ 6am gets around 1 point per mile completed, runner 2 @ 6am gets around 30% less than 1 point, runner 3 @ 6am gets around 30% less again and so on up to runner 9. In the example above, a larger club would get less points per mile. 

To gain the most points from a runners distance the highest runners distance should be placed in slot 1, next in slot 2 and so on. The system is designed to re order runners accordingly once a distance is entered, so you don’t need to do this when entering results. The more evenly spread the runners are throughout the day the more miles a team will have going against the higher weighted slots and the higher the overall score.

All of the stages scores are totalled to give an overall score for the event.

You can see a current list of who has signed up at, and on the day, you will be able to see a live leaderboard at

Baton Picture

Please ask your members to join the Facebook group dedicated to baton photos taken on the day.

Clubs Taking Part So Far

  • David Murrell - Norfolk Gazelles
  • Stoof Barney - Norfolk Harriers
  • Andrew Dormer - GYRR
  • Steve Ely - Wymondham AC
  • Jude Durrant - Longsdale Striders
  • Autumn Hales - Bure Valley Harriers
  • Martin Truelove - Lingwood Leg-its
  • Neil May/Martin Rendle - Dunerunners
  • Phil Henry - Coltishall Jags
  • Trevor Kuhrt - Norwich Road Runners
  • Vikki Harper - Aviva 
  • Richard West - NNBR
  • Ben Churchman - Diss and District AC
  • Julian Trott - Reepham Runners
  • Jennie Woodhead - Green Dragon Runners
  • Sandra Bumphrey - Chapel Cheetahs
  • Abby Price - Aylsham Runners
  • Elly Haylock - Lonely Goats
  • Byron McGill - Bungay Black Dogs
  • Caroline Peek - Lowestoft Road Runners
  • Jane Clarke - The Tuesday Nighters
  • Thakeni Marston- Beccles Tri
  • Emma Potter Campbell - Dereham Runners AC
  • Dave Catchpole - Waveney Valley AC
  • Karen Rix - TeamNSFT
  • Tony Wenlock - Tri Anglia
  • Alison Riches - MBF (Military & Bootcamp Fitness)
  • Sonya Powley - RunBuddies
  • Gary Wenn - Poynton Runners
  • Ant - Team BADASS
  • James Mcfalane - CONAC
  • Carol Cooper - Hugh Jarse & The Lycra Lovelies
  • Rob Bickel - Caerleon RC
  • Nicola Hil - Norwich School Team
  • Samantha Laurie - Stratton Striders
  • Charlie Pearce - Beeston AC in Notts
  • Tim Chisman - Rickinghall Runners
  • Sam Thelwell - Swardeston CC
  • Steven Hitcham - GoodGym
  • Lois Metcalfe - Norwich Dragons

This event is covered by by RunBritian and has the license 'unmeasured road race' licence number: 2020-40758.

If you would like to include your club too and be captain please email

Kind regards, happy running!!




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